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Welcome to the official page of recipes for life here you become the best chef for your life;

Find the ingredients that will give the best flavor to everythinhg you do. savor them and share them with your loved ones.

Remember that Life as well as the food we consume always tastes much better when we share it with others, even in the hard times. By mixing our special ingredients -- attitudes and actions -- every “chef” can change the flavor of his or her own life, as well as thelives of others, by taking personal responsibility and making better decisions.

Our secret recipe is comprised of applied based positive psychology a holistic approach and a call to action. Our unique combination has empowered and opened the perspective of all individuals to be prepared for any life event. Actually, I have written the perfect direct, practical and above all useful book on modern society.
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Please contact me at (619) 666-6551.

Becky Krinsky
Recetas para la Vida™